Morgan’s Diesel Truck Parts Inc.

Family owned and operated business that has been serving the trucking industry since 1974.

With business connections all over the world, we specialize in salvaging and reselling late model used trucks and used truck parts including complete diesel trucks, accident damaged diesel trucks, truck cabs, bunks & sleepers, heavy equipment and truck engines and transmissions, front & rear axles, frames, fuel tanks, wheels, tires, and all the parts associated with good late model salvaged trucks. We also deal in various makes of late model equipment and parts.

In this new era of salvage, Morgan’s Diesel Truck Parts Inc. prides itself on total recycling; from the disposal of garbage to ferrous and non ferrous metals, above and beyond in recyclable parts to be put back out into the trucking industry. Morgan’s Diesel Truck Parts Inc. also prides itself on entering this new age, and broadcasts its never ending inventory of used diesel truck parts. We look forward to a better and stronger future.

Our forty acre site is accessible via the 401 Highway at Kingston, Ontario, just north of the Canada-US Border. We are located mid way between Montreal and Toronto and we are serviced by all major North American freight companies.

You are invited into our new website to view the many diesel truck, heavy equipment and parts that we have on hand.

Morgan’s Diesel Truck Parts Inc Team Members

Doug Morgan
Co-Founder / Retired

James Morgan

Ron Morgan
Co-Founder / Retired